There is an alternative

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There is an alternative

Post  octavian on Tue Aug 25, 2009 9:51 am

I thought the Brothers of 3 PRC would be interested in this "Alternative to the 2 ring circus of Tory & Labour - Both parties have continually failed this country by (1 : Their policies - Allowing MASS immigration into the UK - ( 2 : Inept & incompetant control of NHS and Law & order - So have a look at this Political Party -

It’s about trying to save one of the world’s oldest nations from being broken up by conniving British establishment and Brussels elite.

It’s about giving the 50 million people in England a national democratic voice through our own legislative parliament ˆ something that every other western nation has as of right.

It’s about fairness, national empowerment and the positive cultural recognition of England.

For too long, England has been buried under a British identity of convenience by Labour, the Tories and the Liberal Democrats. For too long, England has been shamelessly abused, compromised and pillaged by successive Westminster administrations. England is not OEBritain-Lite‚ ˆ we are not a disparate collection of Euro regions, we are not a cash cow for the benefit of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We are England, a proud and historic nation! How ironic then that England, the originator of the modern two tier parlimentary system, copied by every other western nation is unique in being denied even the most basic of democratic rights and cultural expression. We aren't even allowed our own national anthem - and St Patrick‚s Day gets more official support than our own patron saint‚s day!

Over the past decade, New Labour has been engaged in a programme of English national eradication. They‚ve continued the work of the Tories before them - and with the ever willing help of the Liberal Democrats, England is now a disenfranchised basket case.

If like us, you too think England is in danger then you need to do something about it ˆ NOW!

You need to join us, the English Democrats ˆ the only political party fighting to preserve our country from the hostile hands of Westminster and Brussels.

We are passionate about England‚s cause ˆ Are you? If so please read on!

Robin Tilbrook, Chair, English Democrats
The English Democrats, not left, not right, just English.

Scottish brothers - It only means English devolvement just as you have now OK

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Re: There is an alternative

Post  Aussie Nick on Wed Aug 26, 2009 12:59 am

G'day Octavian
Well thats a'right den isnt it!!!
Aussie Nick. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Aussie Nick

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