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how did that happen?

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how did that happen? Empty how did that happen?

Post  sean fitzsimons Sun May 31, 2009 2:18 am

Smile Smile :)The magician had seen better days,the wife had left,his house had been repossessed and all he had left was his parrot.The parrot was part of the cause for his downfall.The bird had been around for a long time and knew all his tricks.
Every time he was about to approach his punchline the parrot would screech "Its in his pocket,its up his sleeve,its in his hat" etc.
In a final attempt to make good he joined a cruise ship as resident magican but the parrot carried on as before spoiling everything.He began to hate the bird.One night the worst for drink he retired to his cabin.During the night there was a big explosion and the ship sank.
When he came too he was lying on a big piece of driftwood,and at the other end was the parrot,minus an eye and a lot of feathers.The bird gave him a stare but said nothing.This went on for several day until in the end the parrot said"OK I Give up,
What did you do with the Bloody Ship??"" Smile Smile Smile

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