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Home before Christmas-maybe!!

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Home before Christmas-maybe!! Empty Home before Christmas-maybe!!

Post  sean fitzsimons Mon Aug 10, 2009 2:29 pm

Smile Smile Smile During the Second World War [some of you may have heard of it,some of you may have been there!!]
The Americans were a little slow off the Grid,but this was not unusual,however the rules were changed slightly to give senior US officers a female Brit.driver to show important VIPs. to all.
The General was being driven at speed across the desert when there was a loud bang and the Jeep stopped suddenly.
The driver tried all her skills to restart it without success.The General,trying to be helpful said"what about a screwdriver"
She replied"we might as well,this bugger is not going to move this side of a cease fire"!!! Smile Smile Smile

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