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The Builders Little Helper

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The Builders Little Helper Empty The Builders Little Helper

Post  legscott86 Fri Aug 14, 2009 4:53 pm

A touching story.

Builders start work on the house next door to a family with a little six year old girl. The little girl keeps popping round to talk to the builders and before long they give her small jobs to do to keep her busy.
The builders adopt the child as a mascot, and give her their lose change for the jobs she does.

After a week, the little girls mum takes her to the bank to pay the lose change in.

The bank clerk chats to the little girl, and on hearing how she made the money is really touched by the sweet little girl and how she earnt the money.

'So you earnt the money by helping the builders?'

'Yes' says the girl, 'I worked reeely hard and helped the builder men'.

'Oh, how lovely' says the clerk. 'Will you help them again next week?' she asks.

'Well' says the girl, 'I will if them c*nts from Jewsons ever turn up with the bricks ...

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