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Attorneys who'd ave em !

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Attorneys who'd ave em ! Empty Attorneys who'd ave em !

Post  octavian Thu Oct 22, 2009 3:21 pm

Attorney : Doctor, did you ascertain the condition of the deceased prior to starting the autopsy ?

Doctor : Yes

Attorney : What was the deceased condition ?

Doctor : He was dead

Attorney : Did you check the deceased pulse ?

Doctor : No

Attorney : I see, did you check for respiration ?

Doctor : No

Attorney : Did you check for any vital life signs at all ?

Doctor : No

Attorney : So your telling this hearing that you began the autopsy without confirming the condition of the deceased !

Doctor : No I am telling you that he was dead also the deceased brain was, at the time, on my desk in a jar.

Attorney : Never the less Doctor could it be possible that the deceased was in fact still alive ?

Doctor : I suppose it is possible, alive and practising law perhaps !!

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