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320 Platoon Photo....

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320 Platoon Photo.... Empty 320 Platoon Photo....

Post  diffy gaba Tue Jan 26, 2010 1:27 am

There was two photos of 320 took One in Maida and the other one in the Battle School. The one in the BS had the Junior Para lads that came to Maida in the eighth week of training. I was wondering if anybody has it. Blokes like the JPC lads like Tom Martin Maurice Edwards John Addison Allan Everley or some of the other lads like Cammy Cadman Roger Rhodes Jim Hamilton Jock Gourlay Tommo Thompson John Mc Phee Jock Grey Sooty Standering Dave ? Henderson. Jock ye ken Young LOL Come on lads sombody must have it. Its got that Royal Marine Sargeant on it too. While i am on the subject ..........RIP John Sibley Jimmy Wall and George Davis.

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