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Post  Admin Thu Apr 02, 2009 4:15 pm

Whilst there are no Specific Rules on this board the Administrator reserves the right to alter or tailor the conditions of use at any time. As this Board is for the Airborne Brotherhood a tolerance to the Airborne Spirit is expected however all members and guests should have a modicum of respect for other users - 'Treat other members the way you would like to be treated’. Respect is the key at this forum. We're all individuals, and we all have different levels of tolerance for different behaviour. To respect everyone, we ask you to avoid anything that you know others might find offensive -- using particular kinds of language, posting particular types of images, linking to particular kinds of sites, and discussing particular topics.
At this forum it's okay to be yourself -- be that harried, jovial, silly or sad. We respect you, and we ask that you respect others. So, before you hit the Submit button, have a think about your post, and ask yourself whether you'd allow it to appear on your own site or forum. Also ask whether your post will cause other members to lose respect for you. Don't bother to post anything that others might find offensive, personal attacks or advertising -- your post will be deleted anyway, so why waste your time?

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