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Blody sunday conclusion a joke!

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Blody sunday conclusion a joke! Empty Blody sunday conclusion a joke!

Post  listerjones Thu Jun 17, 2010 8:17 am

Hello, I am the son of an ex para, that being 3 para c company. I'd like to offer my support to you all over the laughable conclusion drawn by a laughable amount of money spent to cover up the truth.
I've known my farther all my life and one thing I can say with pride is he is no liar, I believe in what he has claimed all these years, I believe in you men, farthers,husbands, ex para's. My heart goes out to you all, thankyou for the 100 hour+ weeks you put into keeping the rest of us as safe as possible over the years. This nation doesn't deserve you all.
My farther was on the phone to me last night really rather upset and is now considering sending his northern ireland medal to number 10, I've never heard him feel so let down by his country, its a disgrace.

To All of you, I salute you all, to the bitter end should need be.


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Blody sunday conclusion a joke! Empty Northern Ireland

Post  bill Sun Sep 05, 2010 3:32 am

To help you understand a little bit more of what your father, and indeed many other Para s and other soldiers ans civilians went through in that now forgotten war....have a look on Amazon books. look for the auther ...Ken Wharton. This is an ex soldier who served there on a number of occasions< He has written three wonderful books....perhaps another one to come...about N.I. from the soldiers aspect. I cannot recommend them highly enough...........................................from ex C Coy 3 Para member. Oh yes ..another book...CONTACT..by A.F.N. Clarke....all about C Coy 3 Para in N.I.......Best wishes


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