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Looking for a husband

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Looking for a husband Empty Looking for a husband

Post  BernieMac Sat Dec 17, 2011 9:26 am

There was this wealthy good looking lady in her thirties that could not find the right husband. The first husband used her as a punching bag. The second was a lousy lover, bad in bed. Her third husband was a great in bed, never harmed her, but ran away!

She advertised that she was looking for a husband, one that will not punch her, will not run away, and great in bed. Two weeks later her door bell rang and as she looked out did not see anyone. She opened the door and there sat a ex paratrooper in a wheelchair with no arms or legs.

The lady asked, “may I help you?”

The paratrooper replied, “I am answering the Ad on the paper on your search for a husband.”

She said, “I can see that you will not be able to punch me or run away, but tell me how you can be good in bed.”

The paratrooper replied, “and how do think I rang the door bell, Lady!”

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