War veteran, 85, brutally attacked

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War veteran, 85, brutally attacked

Post  legscott86 on Thu Aug 20, 2009 6:20 pm

A Second World War veteran has been brutally attacked hours after scattering his late wife's ashes.
Sussex Police released a photo of George Gibb's facial injuries in the hope it will encourage anyone with information to come forward.
The 85-year-old was walking along an alleyway between Legion Way and West Bracklesham Drive in Bracklesham Bay, near Chichester, West Sussex, when he was struck on the head, causing him to fall to the ground.
His friend Mike Hayes said the attack happened as Mr Gibb was walking home from his local British Legion club.
He said the veteran, who fought in the Royal Navy during the Second World War, had scattered his late wife's ashes earlier in the day.
He said: "It is just despicable that someone could do this to a defenceless man. His sister has just died so he's also trying to sort out her funeral at the moment."
Mr Hayes added that he believed Mr Gibb had now left hospital and was recuperating at a friend's house.
A spokeswoman for Sussex Police said Mr Gibb is not able to describe the person who attacked him.
A black leather briefcase he was carrying at the time and a plastic bag which contained nothing of value were also stolen in the attack, which took place just after 10pm on August 12.
The spokeswoman appealed for anyone with information to contact Detective Sergeant Russell Burgess of Chichester CID on 0845 60 70 999, or to call CrimeStoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

You hear that the politicians are cracking down on crime, my f****n arse, the reason them scum do shit like this is because there is no deterent' maybe if someone was to find out who these f****rs were and where they lived and took them out somewhere and cut thier f****n throats and did this to a few of the scum that do this sort of crime the next f****rs who think about doing this will stop and think about the scum who have already benn dealt with.
What will happen??? the police will make thier enquires, maybe find some twat and give him community service so as he can go and case up jobs for the future, F**k that, plaster thier names on the internet, let us all know who they are and maybe someone might do him an injury(serious) hopefully. An eye for an eye.

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